Timing Issues at Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber

Timing Issues at Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber

Dave Meltzer mention on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that there were some timing issues during Sunday’s Elimination Chamber event.

Apparently during main event Chamber match, WWE Superstars entered the match from their pods inconsistently. WWE rules call for participants to enter the match from their pods from a predetermined time of five minutes. That wasn’t the case Sunday night and Superstars ended up entering the match between 30 seconds to a minute early.

Bryan Alvarez also mentioned on Observer Radio that the Women’s Championship match was also cut short by about two minutes. This resulted in the females rushing the match and ended up botching moves.


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  • Ryan Harvey

    Ladies gotta blame botching the match on something (other than lack of ability)… I guess.

    • daleh33

      because the guys never botch moves? it happens more in guys matches but those people who just don’t like the lady wrestlers for some reason, will always call out th ladies while sitting on their couches with their hand in the pocket with the hole in it.

      • Ryzing_Terra

        Amen to that brother

      • PNMonkey

        Totally agree with you. Up until the end the match was good. You could tell they had to rush it at the end. I don’t blame the women i blame the rush job to finish the match.

      • Jhae

        Sin Cara lol

  • Chris

    There should be no timing issues when PPV’s are on your own network. I don’t understand.

    • Flo

      They still have PPVs with TV distributors.

      • Ronnie Gold

        yes and ppv are on there own dedicated channel so can run long if need be, time should never be a factor on a ppv like on a network show

        • Flo

          They have deals and contracts on how long the event should last. Air time cost money so they can’t just have it as long as they want to. If you want more info google is your friend.

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