The Taz Show Recap - Smackdown Analysis, Ziggler's Heel Turn, Balor Returning at the Rumble, More!

The Taz Show Recap – Smackdown Analysis, Ziggler’s Heel Turn, Balor Returning at the Rumble, More!

Block 1:

Taz opens the 300th edition of The Taz Show by thanking everyone who has worked on the show since it’s debut. He also thanks all the fans and listeners who listen or watch every day, and continue to make this show possible moving forward.

A listener calls into the show and feels Kenny Omega is leveraging his current position in the wrestling industry in an attempt to return to NJPW as ‘the guy’ to carry the company forward. Taz thinks Omega will indeed remain with NJPW, and his tweet a few days ago was simply him taking a step back from everything after he had the match of his life at WrestleKingdom 11.

Taz says he’d love if Omega actually came to North America because he loves Omega’s in-ring work, and it’s very difficult to watch his matches in Japan. It’s difficult to stay up late and find streaming links to watch NJPW’s shows and it’d be great to see him in primetime on RAW each Monday, but Taz doesn’t see that happening anytime soon.



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