Could Undertaker v Braun Strowman Work At 'Mania 33

Could Undertaker vs. Braun Strowman Work At WrestleMania 33?

The Undertaker at last nights WWE RAW

The Undertaker *returned* to WWE television for the second time in the space of a month on Monday’s RAW, and he didn’t disappoint. Entering himself into the Royal Rumble 2017, for the first time since 2009, The Undertaker has just added to an already stellar line-up.

Where Does Braun Come In?:

However the key thing to take from this promo, was the short and snappy cut away to an idle Braun Strowman in the back, watching Taker’s promo on a TV screen. This is the first sign of the the subtle hints that WWE creative are building towards the not-so-eagerly awaited Taker v Braun match at Wrestlemania.

Who Else Could Braun Face?:

Technically it makes the most sense. Braun has finally become the dominant force McMahon wanted him to be, but he will never be a fully pledged championship winning main-eventer. Right now Goldberg is taking care of Brock, Triple H is taking care of Rollins, Owens is taking care of Reigns and other than Chris Jericho there is no one for Strowman to enter into a feud with.

What About Taker?:

Undertaker v Braun Strowman doesn’t ring the kind of alarm bells that John Cena v Undertaker does on a promo package for Wrestlemania 33, but we’ve been expecting that main event for years and it appears less likely it will happen with each year that passes. Could the Cena match be 10x better? Of course. But unfortunately WWE don’t often give the fans what the fans want. If their plan is build up Braun Strowman, you can’t deny the fact that there is no better way of doing it than a match against the ‘Deadman’ on the grandest stage of them all.

Is He Ready?

Is Braun ready for a match of such magnitude? No. To keep things short. The long answer is that he’s still green and by no means capable of producing 5* quality

Braun Strowman

matches. He’s been wrestling for under five years and doesn’t have the skills outside of the ring to maintain a push. The only things that have been going for him recently are a dwindling RAW main event scene, his split from the Wyatt Family and his new finisher.

But Could It Work?:

Could it work though? Definitely. This match is more than capable of working… to the extent that Undertaker v Bray Wyatt did a few years back, and to the extent that Undertaker v Shane O’Mac did last year. The streak has gone and the Undertaker’s matches are more attractions due to their novelty rather than their importance. If done correctly this could potentially boost Strowman’s career somewhat though.

It may sound ridiculous. But if the match should happen, Braun NEEDS to pick up the win. It’s crucial. If any is to benefit from said match at Mania, it’s him. What a way to show his domination. Maybe even lead him into a Brock Lesnar rivalry. Plus, should the Wyatt’s ever cross-paths he’d hold that over brother Bray too.


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