Top 5 Superstars The Undertaker Should Face at Wrestlemania 33

Top 5 Superstars The Undertaker Should Face at Wrestlemania 33

The Undertaker is an entity that has become synonymous with Wrestlemania and the show of shows really wouldn’t be the same without the deadman. However that concept is becoming reality sooner than we would like it to be as this years Wrestlemania is looking like it will be The Undertaker’s last and possibly his final match too. With this in mind whoever he should face at Wrestlemania needs to be someone who can give The Deadman a proper send off and here is 5 superstars who could do it.

5. Finn Balor

A Demon vs Deadman match would be a wonder to behold with the two long and intimidating entrances, the supernatural feel of the two men and the passing of the torch from Taker to Balor. This match-up seems to tick all the boxes. However this one is unlikely to happen due to Balor’s injury and the fact that rumours point to different directions for both superstars, but should this match happen it’d most certainly be a great send off for Taker.

4. Roman Reigns

Now despite your opinion on Roman Reigns there is no doubt that the man is supremely talented in the ring and improving on the mic. However the majority of people including myself are frustrated with the fact that WWE continue to push Reigns down our throats when we would much rather prefer the likes of Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins or Rusev. With that being said The Undertaker would be a great choice of opponent for Reigns at Wrestlemania as most fans do not want him in the title picture, this match would not only keep Reigns out of that but also would provide a greatly entertaining match in the process. Like Balor however this match is unfortunately looking more and more unlikely as it seems that Regins will be winning the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble which kills the prospect of this match.



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  • Big Daddy

    Now that Taker has entered the rumble how would this effect the list?

    • Jordan Devlin

      Roman Would move slightly higher up to 3rd place as I believe that Taker will win the Rumble and Roman will win the title, but I also believe Cena will win his 16th and Taker will challenge him

      • Dynamite Kid

        You really think that they will let Taker win the rumble and then does he go onto Mania and loses to Cena, does not make much sense.

        • Jordan Devlin

          Who says that Taker has to lose to Cena? I just don’t think they would let Taker enter the Rumble at this stage in his career if he was not going to win it

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