Reason Why WWE Didn't Announced Lesnar vs. Goldberg on Monday's RAW

Reason Why WWE Didn’t Announced Lesnar vs. Goldberg on Monday’s RAW

As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, Paul Heyman’s promo was cut short on account of Vince McMahon being very upset with the fans hijacking the segment. The idea for the promo was for fans to cheer for Goldberg but it instead went the opposite direction and fans started chanting “Goldberg Sucks!”

It’s being said that because the segment was cut short, WWE decided to just announce the match the following day on social media instead.


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  • Ted

    Typical Vince blaming the fans for something he and his idiotic creative team came up with.

    • Rob D.

      On top of the fact Brock’s fairly beloved in Minnesota.

      So many dumb mistakes are being made because they’re placing far too much importance on marketing the stupid video game, rather than one of the biggest matches WWE has had in years.

  • ScottyPNR

    Ummmm because as soon as Goldberg did that interview with Coach. It was set in stone. They didn’t need to announce shit

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