Updated WWE Scheduled for Bill Goldberg & Brock Lesnar

Updated WWE Scheduled for Bill Goldberg & Brock Lesnar

Here is the current schedule for Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar heading into the Survivor Series:

* Mon, Oct. 17 in Denver, CO: Goldberg
* Mon, Oct. 24 in Minneapolis, MN: Lesnar
* Mon, Oct. 31 in Hartford, CT: Goldberg
* Mon, Nov. 14 in Buffalo, NY: Lesnar and Goldberg

Neither Lesnar or Goldberg are advertised for the post-Survivor Series episode of RAW on Monday, November 21st in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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  • Brian

    To bad they’re just feeding Goldberg to Bork…could make it very good but don’t think it can be worse than WMXX

    • Craig Bradshaw

      it will be interesting to view, as Survivor Series is in Toronto. Canadian fans may boo Goldberg because he was the guy that helped retire Brett Hart with a careless mule-kick to the head…wwe likes to refer Canada as the Bizaro World when it comes to cheering for bad guys and booing good guys. But yes, Brock will get the win in this match.

      • daleh33

        I think the fans are past the Bret Hart thing. I believe they will cheer for Goldberg because fans have been screaming for him to return for years now. I think Brock will win and I do think it will be a squash match. They probably told Goldberg it will be competitive but we all know Vinnie loves Brock and will change it right before they go out to the ring. Hell, he had his golden boy Cena get squashed by Lesnar.

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