WWE CWC Star Noam Dar Comes Under Fire After Fans Dig Up Offensive Tweets

WWE CWC Star Noam Dar Comes Under Fire After Fans Dig Up Offensive Tweets

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Noam Dar could be in hot water after fans unearthed a series of tweets the wrestling standout sent out years ago that have been labeled as offensive and racist.

The tweets — some of which have since been deleted — are making their way around the net. Twitter user @chvrlottesweb shared screengrabs of some of the old tweets people are talking about, which we have transcribed.

In a tweet from March 2012, Noam joked about sexually abusing his younger brother.

He wrote, “I stand corrected, it was my girlfriend, I’m still gonna sexually abuse my little brother. #itsalrightonafridaynight.”

I stand corrected, it was my girlfriend, I’m still gonna sexually abuse my little brother. #itsalrightonafridaynight

— Noam Dar (@NoamDar) March 16, 2012

(The tweet was deleted shortly after this post was made)

In a tweet about the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, Noam wrote, “If you didn’t shout “and fried rice!” At your tv screen when the China team came out, your a racist. #olympicceremony.”

This tweet has since been deleted.

In a 2013 tweet that has since been deleted, Noam wrote, “Hey how funny would it be if people used the “my nigga” song on vines?

Screenshots of the aforementioned tweets can be seen here.


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  • Kyle Barbosa

    The fact these people have nothing better to do with their lives than look up tweets from Noam Dar from years ago shows how far the wrestling world and society as a whole is falling

    • TheVoicz

      I can actually agree with statement.

  • LookBOTHWays

    And again, if you dont wanna be scrutinized by it, dont put it out there. The internet lives forever.
    Be responsible from day 1. You dont get a pass these days due to age.

    • Ryan Harvey

      So basically, stay the fuck away from social media all together.

      • LookBOTHWays

        If you cant conduct yourself like you want to have a job someday, or cant respond to someome without cursing, or feel like joking about abuse/rape/assault, etc…
        Then yea. Stay off, plenty more to do in the basement.

        Clearly we have a generation that feels they can say whatever they want, then when confronted with it, “I WAS ONLY JOKING!”

        No. No you werent.

        • Ryan Harvey

          We also have a generation that gets offended at the most insignificant, harmless opinion or thought without even trying to offend anyone. Then they’ll whine and cry about it until somebody is forced to apologize or gets fired.

          Therefore you might as well stay off social media, because sooner or later, something bad is bound to happen regardless of your intentions. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how polite or professional you are. If somebody really wants to screw you, rest assured they’ll find something and at least *try* to take you down.

          This is the real problem.

          • LookBOTHWays

            This is true for the most part, ppl cant seem to give their opinions without having some sort of response –
            See: my first comment and your response! ?

            I’ve be fine all these yrs on s.m. sweetie, thanks for caring!
            However, Im prettttty sure Ive never made a sex abuse “joke” online. That takes a _special_ type.

            Read my 1st comment again and see where this dialog has gone. Yes online hiveminds exist…yes theyre annoying. But I was saying dont put something out there that can affect your position in life -not an opinion, but a sex abuse “joke” ( I mean do we have to point out those are different?) bc to ppl who’ve lived it…
            It aint funny.

          • Ryan Harvey

            Then I suggest you read my previous comment again as well. I wasn’t giving you advice — no need resort to condescending remarks and calling me “sweetie”.

            My entire point is you don’t need to make a joke about rape or get yourself in trouble. It may happen faster if you do, but not necessarily. This is especially true for anyone with many eyes on them.

            Often times people get in trouble for saying something no sane adult would have a problem with, and yet something that you intended as completely harmless can get misinterpreted or taken out of content, and comes back to bite you in the ass. Can’t tell you how many I know personally who are extremely polite, professional people who have lost their jobs due to harmless statements on social media.

            And if you think making the joke about fried rice warrants being fired over, you’re just part of the problem.

          • LookBOTHWays

            No the fried rice thing is just a bad joke from someone typically like him. You think hed be more cultured tho. Sad.

            And instead of reading the previous comment from you, look at the first thing you put out. That was your intro. Thats who you are. And thats cool. You like sex abuse jokes and condone others like you. I just dont.

            You replied to me.

            Now that the kids are in bed, let me watch RAW in peace.

          • Josh Orr-Fahey

            Wouldn’t it be funny if LookBOTHWays was sexually abused by an older brother. Grow up and develop a sense of humour. If you can’t don’t read jokes until you can mature enough to not take unreasonable levels of personal offence from random comments from people you’ve never met, about people you’ve never met. You do not have the right to say something cannot be funny when humour is subjective.

          • LookBOTHWays

            Youre absolutely right, humor is subjective. If I think itd be hilarious to skull fuck your mom while my jizz comes out her ears, then thats just my humor!

            LOLZ YOLO
            JK !

  • RockyJohan

    All off these are clearly jokes.

  • ScottyPNR

    In the words of Smokey “why you bringing up old shit”?

  • Christopher Davis

    Um………well alrighty then

  • Vigo The Carpathian

    what happens if his tweets are hacked? it seems that is the norm nowadays. people hacking other people’s shit because they have nothing better to do

  • Dion Boyle

    See if any of you’s where living in Scotland you’s would know he was taking the piss and having a laugh that’s the banter around here nothing meant by it so git a grip world and let the boy do what he does best and entertain you with amazing wrestling

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